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Arleen Thomas, Physical Therapist

Arleen has been a physical therapist for over 20 years with a history of providing service as a contracted traveling PT nation-wide and overseas via her time served both in and out of the US NAVY. She is experienced with on-site ergonomic consultation to corporations, and functional capacity assessments, and is hands-on with manual soft tissue techniques on her rehab clients. Arleen is the owner of two physical therapy clinics that are affiliated with health clubs in El Sobrante/Richmond and Concord, CA

In her duration as a stay-at- home-mom, Arleen is self-educated in photography, earning the title as a Certified Professional Photographer via the Professional Photographers of America, which she mainly photographed weddings and events. A photograph taking during one of her world travels, won her a trip to Paris.

Arleen has been married to Greg for over 17 years who had completed a one-month velomobile bicycling trip across the USA from Portland, Oregon to Washington DC this past summer. Arleen’s other interests include bicycling, camping, out-of-country traveling, and martial arts involving kata, sparring, and weapons. A decade ago, she had won the USA International World Championship in Las Vegas in kumite (sparring), which she then retired.

Arleen had returned to karate with her 5 year old son, Kai, when he expressed interest in the sport. She now makes it a goal to be sharp and on her toes just to keep up with her overly active son, who appears to be an over-achiever, and both parents wonder how did this come to be? (chuckle)

(Picture Above: Kai wins a medal from a pie-eating competition at the Moraga Pear Festival. He states, “I don’t even like pie mom. I just want to win that medal!”)


Charles Soriano, KinesiologistSFRock'N'Roll1_2Marathon2013

Charles, A Bay Area Native, graduated with a B.S. in Kinesiology at San Francisco State University in Fall 2009. As a fitness enthusiast, Charles loves all aspects of living an active lifestyle and enjoys sharing it with others. He strongly believes that fitness and wellness is a leading role to a healthy lifestyle.

When away from his ErgoSolutions team, you could find him swimming, running, rock climbing,  hiking or getting his sweat on at the gym. He is an ESPN junkie, and loves a good laugh when watching comedies.