Arleen and son Kai compete in the Northern California Karate-Do Federation – in Dixon, CA

Arleen Punch


Kai Gold

Arleen and buddy

Kai Buddy

Kai Stance

Your physical therapist Arleen’s first try doing Kaibo-ten-no kata and she took 2nd against those with sai’s and bo’s. Funny thing was that she had just started to practice her kaibo kata in the same morning of the competition! In the action photo, Arleen is throwing a jab followed by immediately delivering a punch. She was penalized for throwing too hard of a head kick somewhere in that fight and still won Gold. Her son Kai, in a cat stance, performed Matsukaze kata and took 2nd place. He also took 1st place in fighting and 3rd place in weapons. Kai, 7 y/o, and buddy from the dojo, makes Kai work harder during practices. They are constantly upping the ante! In the end, Arleen made a friend after this whole ordeal!

Check out Kai competing in kata against another doing the same kata, which is unbelievable as you will usually have someone else in the ring doing another kata.

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